Who are Senior Ambassadors?

Creative Reflections Photography high school ambassador models are rising seniors that are chosen to work alongside of Creative Reflections Photography as their preferred Senior Photographer. CRP High School Ambassadors help to market an all-around awesome Senior Portrait experience while also receiving major discounts and perks throughout that exact Senior Portrait experience with CRP. Ambassadors are held to the high standard of leading their classmates well and with love, and representing CRP with style and  class.


How Does the Process Work? 

This year, CRP High school ambassador applications will be taken July 1st. You will find the application below. Once the application deadline hits (August 26th), CRP will process all entries and choose 10 High School Ambassadors. Once chosen (assuming all requirements below are met), you will schedule a Basic Senior Session (plus make up  ), discounted session fee, before November 2018. After your session, you will receive goodies and a marketing pack from CRP to get your ambassadorship started!



What are the Requirements for Being a CRP High School Ambassador?

  1.      You MUST be a high school student in the graduating class of  2019 or 2020, 2021.
  2.      You MUST have legal guardian permission. Once chosen, you and your legal guardian will be asked to sign an Ambassador Contract, as well as a Model Release Form.
  3.      You must have filled out, in full, the Ambassador Application .
  4.      You MUST be available for a BASIC "Senior" Session BEFORE  November of 2018.
  5.      You must be active on major social media outlets: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
  6.      You MUST be willing to distribute REP cards, post on social media, etc. for Creative Reflections Photography.
  7.      You MUST NOT represent ANY other photographer throughout your senior year, ending on your Graduation Day.
  8.      You MUST agree NOT to alter any images of you or others taken by Creative Reflections Photography. i.e. NO filters, excess cropping, print lay-over, etc.


What Do Ambassadors Receive for Participating in the Program?

  1.       Basic Senior Session with Creative Reflections Photography BEFORE November of 2018 (with added Make-up and Hair )
  2.      Printed REP Cards,  and a guaranteed Blog Post
  3.      20% off of prints, canvas wraps, and albums
  4.      30% off of ANY other Creative Reflections Photography Senior Session (should you want one later in the year).
  5.      Referral Perks:
  • 1 referral- $15 Visa Gift Card (for each booked referral, up to $105) OR $50 Print Credit (for each referral, up to $250)
  • 5 referrals- 40% off of all prints, wraps, albums
  • 10+ referrals- a “graduation” mini-session (30 minutes) with parents or 2 friends of your choice. 5 digital files from this session.  PLUS A $500 gift card to my top ambassador at the end of the school year!
  1.      Referrals booked BEFORE December of 2019 are valid. Referrals booked after December 2019 are greatly appreciated, but cannot be redeemed for Referral Perks.
  2.      ALL referral perks MUST be redeemed within 3 months of Senior Ambassador’s graduation date.


 Sessions fee for my ambassador start at $75! Normally $150